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Nature-based medicine inspired by Mother Nature's elements, spirals, and seasons.

Experience an approach that will harmonize and awaken your unique inner nature of healing power that will inspire you to live your best life.

Jenny Bertram's integrative approach of multiple medical and healing modalities supports physical and emotional transformation. She approaches each person differently and meets individual needs based on her training in listening, assessing, and observing. No two sessions are alike.

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You are your own individual

My Philosophy

These are the pillars of my philosophy. They guide my approach to each unique challenge.

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She maintains partnerships with leading spiritual teachers and doctors around the world and works as a conduit to extend their wisdom.
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She brings the community together to connect and accelerate the journey of healing, growth, and awakening.
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She provides a trustworthy and safe experience for patients, clients, practitioners, and spiritual explorers, where you can show up with authenticity.
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She warmly welcomes all.
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She fine-tunes and harmonizes the physical body and consciousness to unlock the human body’s own capacities to heal, love, and serve the community in a kind and gentle way.

Core Values

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Being of Service: “Bodhisattva-in-training”.
Being a servant leader is an attitude and certain posture of the heart sending love through virtuous action in the world with a rippling effect, loving-kindness. Jenny is devoted to continuous awakening and acting for the benefit of all that lives, this includes plants, animals, and humans.
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Honoring all Humans.
Jenny honors the dignity of every person and is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive healing space and community. She embraces the uniqueness of each human being. It is our differences—in race, gender identity/expression, age, religion, sexual orientation, family status, abilities, and among other qualities that make us unique—Let’s celebrate it.
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Extra-ordinary work.
Jenny strives to be present, consistently humble, thirsty, and hungry to always be learning and to always interpersonally be dancing with what's in front of her - to be awake, clear, and aware, and to perform exceptional work.
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Compassionate and Honest Communication.
Jenny's training is to be able to connect with clients authentically by speaking honestly and listening deeply in a spirit of kindness.
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Dedication to a path of self-awareness.
Jenny's continuous training in both meditations of stillness and meditation in motion is the path of waking up to her full potential to connect and to always be a contributing member of society.
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Dedication to the sanctity of nature in all its forms.
By walking lightly on the earth and living simply, Jenny holds nature as her number one inspiration. Jenny's vision of building a kinder and more genial world to work together in includes healing, teaching, and empowering clients how to trust and use the medicine in nature's elements, spirals, and seasons.


Regaining and maintaining health does not come from a solitary treatment or a set number of sessions with a practitioner.

Jenny Bertram believes true healing comes from a multi-faceted approach that brings together the patient and the practitioner to address not only physical symptoms, but also the root causes that live in mind, body, and spirit as well.

This holistic approach is a way of restoring and reclaiming health.

By living in harmony with nature and its seasons, Jenny regulates and strengthens a mind-body relationship accentuating not only the body to heal itself, but also to release unnecessary emotional stress.

Let’s face it...

We can walk or run many miles every day, receive as much bodywork as possible, eat the best diet, and have the perfect breath-work practice, but unless we look at and address internally the nature of mind and its habits, discomfort and dis-ease will continue to creep back in and will keep us from living our best life.

This is how Jenny differs from other practitioners.

External Modalities

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Internal Modalities

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My mission is to awaken the inner nature that's inside each and every living being accentuating the personal power of virtue and vibrant health.

Through this inner force of nature, we can build a kinder world.

  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine
    Medicine by the NCCAOM and State of Wisconsinand Colorado
    2006 - present
  • CommunityBrand Manager and Retail Development
    Fjallraven North America – Louisville, CO 2015 - 2021
  • Prison Buddhist Chaplain and Educator
    Ratna Peace Initiative – Boulder, CO
  • Bertram Acupuncture
    Milwaukee, WI. 2005 – 2011 & Boulder CO 2011- 2016
  • Holden QiGong Teacher Liaison
  • Master of Divinity: Emphasis in Eastern Religions,Chaplaincy, and Meditation Instruction
    Naropa University – Boulder, CO
  • Master of Science – Traditional ChineseMedicine
    Five Branches University – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Exercise Sciences with an Emphasis in Physiology and Kinesiology
    Major - BS - University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, WI
  • Recreation Therapy/Business
    Minor - BS - University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, WI

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